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    February 28, 2012
    Where to Put the Pet Crate

    The problem with crating your pets is finding a place to put the crate where the pets won’t get bored to pieces.  You want the dog to be a part of family life and activity (unless they are incessant at barking), but sometimes the crate is just plain necessary.  Here’s a logical solution to the problem – a coffee table crate.

    … it really is paramount to think of how your object will be utilized before you design it. In the case of our modern pet crate, we knew we wanted a compact-ish crate that could double as a coffee table. This also meant we had to think of proper air flow for the dogs, so we knew the design would need to include some sort of patterned cut-outs and a raised “lid.”

    This is a great idea for when you need a place to store the pet crate in plain sight!

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