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    November 19, 2012
    Laughing at Dogs

    I usually shake my head at my own dogs at how incredibly dumb they are.  The big dog will not go to the sunroom if the door is slightly closed or if she has to walk around something. The laminate floor in the kitchen apparently spooks her as she’s afraid she’ll lose her footing.

    If my dogs were the least bit funny, I’d probably laugh at them like Aunt B. laughs at Mrs. Wigglebottom,

    Yesterday, the dog got stuck under the camper, which is stuck under a tree in our back yard. And somehow, eventually, she wiggled her way out the far end, instead of just turning around and exiting the way she’d come. Who even knew her hips could still flex like that?

    And, really, they can’t. She tried to go for a walk this morning, but we got to the shed and she was like “Ugh,” and I was like, “Ha ha.”

    Ha ha indeed!

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