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    January 28, 2015
    Wordless Wednesday: Human, I Require Your Assistance

    Photo from Imgur

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    January 23, 2015
    Friday Fun Video: Cats and Leashes Do Not Mix

    Just say no.

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    January 19, 2015
    Clever Ways To Hide A Litter Box

    Ask anyone, and they will tell you that the worst part about owning a car is the litter box. It’s a double edged sword: sure, you don’t have to let your cat out six times a day (like you do with dogs), and that’s great for lazy people like me. But, they can stink up your house very, very, quickly. And, let’s be honest, having a box of clay pellets and cat poop in your home is just not attractive. However, this post by Tess Wilson at Apartment Therapy has that last part covered! It’s a nice slideshow of several, clever ways to disguise an icky litter box:

    -Cabinet underneath an end table

    -Wine crate into litter box

    -Use curtains to hide the box and block the smell

    -Potted plant with litter box underneath

    Photo Credit: Wicker Paradise

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    January 15, 2015
    Creepy Kitty? Check Out These Names

    Naming a pet can be almost as difficult as naming a child. When I first got my cat at age 10, we debated on her name for over a year. She went from “Precious,” to “Princess,” to “Stormy,” to “Phoebe.” Phoebe is her official name (I guess?) but my mom was the only one who ever called her that, and not for very long. Nothing really seemed to stick. Now, she is just “Kitty”. Creative, I know. My Pomeranian-Chihuahua went from Queso to Nacho to Cookie to Cocoa (she was destined to have a food name). I’m also a huge fan of giving animals “people” names- like Jessica, Kevin, Samantha, Charles. I think it’s really cute. But, despite the struggles of naming anything, there are just some things that you don’t call a pet. No one would ever name their fur baby “Lucifer” or “Voldemort”- would they? Well, you’d be surprised! If you have an evil kitty (or puppy), you may want to check out this post by Danielle Sullivan at Babble for the scariest pet names that have been recorded:









    Photo Credit: Atilla Akkartal 

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    January 14, 2015
    Wordless Wednesday: Kitten In A Sock

    Photo from Nova 96.9 

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    January 9, 2015
    Friday Fun Video: Kitten Swims

    This is so cute! If I took my cat swimming, I DON’T think she’d have this much fun :P

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    January 5, 2015
    Selling Your Home….With Pets

    Getting Your Home Sold…With Pets

    One of the first home selling tips I see on almost every article I read (after “clean your home”) is- make sure no one knows that you have a pet. It’s understandable- the sight of dirty kitty litter or the smell of wet dog can be a huge turn off. Pets are awesome, but they can wreak some serious havoc on a home, and buyers know that. So, you love your fur babies, but you’re trying to sell. What do you do? Well, look no further than this post by Bill Gassett at Max Real Estate Exposure:

    -Talk to a vet- Selling a home can be just as stressful for the pet as it is for the home owner.

    -Find a temporary home for your pet- do you have a friend or family member that you can leave the pet(s) with for a few weeks? It’ll make clean up and showings much easier.

    -Remove pets during showings

    -Repair all pet damage, and remove any odors or stains

    Photo Credit: Rafael Castillo 

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    January 2, 2015
    Friday Fun Video: Cats are Dumb…

    …But we love them anyway.

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    December 8, 2014
    Quirky Cat Gifts

    If you’re like me, you love to spoil your cat. She gets wet food every night, catnip toys every few months, sleeps in my bed, has photoshoots with my phone, and yes, gets presents on Christmas. I know she doesn’t really care, but I feel like I get her the same thing every year (more catnip toys). So, what do you get for the cat who already “has everything”? Check out this list by catingtonpost at for unusual ideas:

    -Silvervine- like catnip, on steroids! (It is safe for cats)

    -Jewelry for cats

    -Toilet training kits (no more kitty litter for you!)

    -Upcylced cat beds-Add charm to a typically boring pet bed, with an upcycled pet bed made from a vintage suitcase, cozy sweater, or salvaged appliance. 

    -Cat TV- Your cat is sure to love watching a DVD made especially for cats! One to two hours of video of cats’ favorite things to watch – squirrels, birds, fish, mice, and bugs – all filmed from a cat’s perspective – and irresistible to kitties. 

    Photo Credit: Corina 

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    November 20, 2014
    Cat Toy Crochet Pattern

    I absolutely love crocheting. I’ve only taken it up in the past year or so, but it’s easy to learn, cheap, and I love the feeling of making something new, pretty, and useful. I’ve made a baby blanket, washcloths, coasters, drawstring bags, slippers, and I’ve just started learning how to make “amigurumi” (stuffed toys). I also love my cat. This pattern for a crocheted catnip toy by Amy Lim at Nicely Created For You is perfect for me, and all the other crazy cat ladies out there. All it takes is the single crochet stitch, the chain stitch, and decreasing. Check it out!

    Photo Credit: Roy Saplin 

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